Do We Need To Write an Additional Essay?

<p>I noticed that Dartmouth only required the Common App essay and a peer evaluation, but will it be an advantage if we write another essay for the additional information? I mean an essay that shows who I am from another aspect, but not a poem or a creative writing piece...What did you guys do?</p>


<p>^^I wrote 2 small 300 word essays to do just that. I dont know whether its a good thing, but im going ahead with that!
All the best :)</p>

<p>I don't know if writing another personal essay will annoy the admissions...</p>

<p>But it just feels weird to me that Dartmouth doesn't have a supplement essay, while all the other top schools do.</p>

<p>I was also going to submit an additional essay, but how can I do that? Can anyone explain?</p>

<p>I definitely wouldn't encourage it. If you think about it, doing so is subtly doubting the admissions officer's design of their application. By submitting another essay, you're telling them that you think they should've asked more questions.</p>

<p>While it's true that they don't have a supplemental essay like most other top colleges, this makes sense. What they do have is a peer evaluation, which most top colleges <em>don't</em> have. So, your overall application includes approximately the same amount of material—it's just that one bit is written by a friend.</p>

<p>Submitting additional essays will likely just annoy them, though it certainly wouldn't be an automatic rejection.</p>

<p>I was going to explain about my major to the college. However, I am sure my friend will highlight the love of this subject, though...</p>

<p>In the Additional Information section of the Common App, my D1 uploaded a PDF with her sports resume as well as an additional essay. Thankfully D1 was accepted ED.</p>

<p>As a rule Dartmouth may discourage super-thick applications, but seize the day and try to stand out if your additional work is clever, unique, etc.</p>

<p>I just adumbrate what led me to my major that I am going to take at Dartmouth.. this major is only provided by dartmouth, and I am preety good in it.. winner of my country's olympiads, always finalist and so on... However, I wanted to submit not resume, but the one which ernandez, formen dean of admissions advises students.. will not this be good? Only there I can describe my accomplishments.. in 100 characters it will really be hard to say what you have done in your life...</p>