Do we or don't we? (supp. mat.) important!

<p>i want to send in a cd, but i read on the paper app. that we have to include like a bunch of stuff w/ it (repertoire, teachers, etc.) i wasn’t aware of this until right now, i thought we could just send in a cd</p>

<p>can i send just the cd…i’m not really planning to major in music anyway, just participate</p>

<p>bump...have a kind heart, ppl.</p>

<p>what did it say to include on the paper app? I'm thinking of submitting one too but I don't know where to send it what to include.</p>

<p>It can't hurt to send it.</p>


<p>well yeah, but if it says to include your whole repetoire, does that mean they're expecting you to major in music if you send in a supplemental recording? I know cornell doesn't require a repetoire with the cd, but brown doesn't seem to have any info.</p>

<p>anyway, should I mail to the admissions office or the music department?</p>


<p>You may as well try. What's the worst that can happen? They may just not use it.</p>

<p>i think you mail it to the admin office; they'll forward it to the music dept.</p>

<p>ah ok. I guess I'll try to remember what I've played since like, 3rd grade now. yay! anyway thanks for the tips</p>

<p>oops, i just checked the app. i don't think we need to list our whole repertoire..sorry!</p>

<p>yaaaaay!!!! thanks! so I'm assuming just the composers, opus no.'s, name, social security on the cd, cd case, or whatever then?</p>

<p>I actually made a music CD too, but due to techincal difficulties and the such, I couldn't finish it until mid-november. So I sent it in anyway directly to the admissions office, but had a cover letter that explained my intentions for them to view the CD - not necessarily as my "major" but to show my "interest in music and my hopes to pursue it at Brown." Whether they looked at it or not, who knows, but in terms of supplementary material, I sent in anything I could, even if it wasn't 100% guaranteed that it would be viewed. Hope that helps.</p>

<p>thanks a lot!</p>

<p>do you think it's alright if the CD arrives after the deadline? I hope to send one in too....but with all the holidays around now i don't know if it will get there on time. Do you know if it says anything about sending in CDs on the online application? I want to send something in too but i don't know any requirements. Also, how long do you think it should be and should it contain a lot of different styles? I was thinking little snippets from inside of pieces, maybe not starting from the beginning. Is that alright? Mostly I guess I'm doing it because i haven't had the time to go back and rework on my old pieces so i'm just playing the parts i can</p>

<p>I would assume that as long as you postmark whatever you're sending by the deadline, you should be fine. It might be difficult finding a mailing service to send it, though. My history with assumptions at Brown has not been so good, so take my words with caution.</p>