Do Wellesley College accept students with minimal ECs?

I’m a high school sophomore and have decent grade with rigorous classes, but I don’t really have much extracurriculars. How will my chances be, and what kind of extracurriculars should I do to make me a strong applicant?

You should do ECs that are of interest to YOU.

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well that doesn’t answer my question at all but still thx

What is your intended possible major and what EC’s do you have already?
Why Wellesley?

I picked up about half my EC start of my Junior year. It’s never too late to start going to stuff. I’d suggest focus less on what a specific college wants to see and more on what you want to do (remembering its not even close to being too late to get involved)


I was looking for a liberal arts college that has a great engineering program. Well Wellesley is def not #1 for engineering but I was interested in the MIT-Wellesley dual degree program, which can possibly give me opportunity to major in Both English lit and biomedical engineering. My extracurriculars are not really great so far. I have involved in some clubs that are related to medical situations, but I am not the president of the clubs and I have been preparing for some competitions. However, so far, I’ve done nothing tbh :frowning: maybe I can participate in hospital volunteering since I am interested premed track as well.

Yes it does answer your question. Adcoms are looking for ECs that show commitment, and sometimes leadership. The best way to achieve that is to do ECs that you really enjoy. Things you can do for your time in high school that show that you have a commitment to doing them and a strong desire to do them.

It sounds like you are looking for an EC that will impress the adcoms, and what I am saying is…the EC that will impress the adcoms the most is one which you show a strong desire to be doing.




It’s not about being president. Or competitions. It’s about the fact top colleges see themselves as a community, in and out of the classroom. Having minimal, random, or “lite” activities can signal a lot about one’s thinking and awareness, energy and willingness, how they make choices and will likely contribute to the “community” - or not.

The typical “some clubs that are related to medical situations” are chances to hang with friends, sometimes fundraise, whatever. The bell rings and you walk down the hall to the meeting room. These particular ECs are not the sorts of more substantial engagement a tippy top can expect. And let’s be frank: a lot of those clubs are pre-professional, open to kids not even thinking of college. Great. But no particular tip for a Welleseley.

In general, if you want engineering at a tippy top, if you even just mention it on the app/supp, it helps to show stem activities like math or science clubs or robotics, when available. Sometimes, quiz bowl or the like. Not always available. Some kids can get into Olympiads- it’s not always possible. (Again, winning is no magic dust.) Consider the sort of activities that call for a show of one’s STEM strengths (and the mindest needed for engineering.) Then, sure, you can add things that are more plain old enjoyable. In fact, depth and breadth is valuable. Not just one sort of ECs related to the major.

Hospital volunteering, putting yourself into that milieu, is good, when it’s somewhat challenging. (You don’t need to cure cancer.) But these are tough to find, with covid. Some kids can get a mini internship with a firm, observe and learn. Sometimes, working with a college professor is good, though it’s sometimes a tough time commitment. The point though, is how you choose to be engaged, what that says about you.

So, what other STEM things are available to you, in the high school?

I don’t think there are much things except some clubs such as science olympiad which I am already involved in. Also, I was specifically asking for chances, and it seems like no one really opts to answer it…

yeah you’re awesome but also look at the title… that’s what I was mainly asking for

Sci Olympiad is good. And not what I’d call, “some clubs that are related to medical situations.” That’s all you offered.

Sometimes, it’s tough to read an OP’s mind. You asked, we answered. Yes, lack of or minimal ECs can affect chances. We can’t tell you more without adequate input from you. What exactly did you expect? We know zip about you as a candidate.

But no matter your stresses, a dismissive 'tude is coming through. Not necessary.


And now you’re getting snippy with posters trying to helpful because no one can tell you your chances?

Look up Wellesley admittance rates over the last five years. That’s all the answers anyone could give you at this point and you can google that for yourself. How on earth is anyone to gauge what “decent grade” and “not much extracurriculars” is even supposed to mean, and what your application might look like two years hence?


“look at the title… that’s what I was mainly asking for”

“Also, I was specifically asking for chances”

So which is it? Does W accept or chances?

They’re related, but not the same. We shouldn’t need to pull teeth to get a clear idea of the question and then the relevant details. Then get snapped at.

You didn’t post your gpa, standardized test scores, rank, or what courses you have taken. No one can chance you without the basics.

“Decent” means different things to different people.
And if you want to study engineering, go to a school that actually offers your major.

Hi Sierra,

To be frank, if you want a chance based on the information you’ve provided, I’d say very low. In my mind no extracurriculars means you probably won’t have much to say/talk about in your application. For me, my grades and academics weren’t bad, but my extracurriculars really showed who I was as a human being. They showed what I could contribute in terms of character and passion to the Wellesley community. As a HS sophomore, you still have years ahead of you and I didn’t find my capolavoro (masterpiece/passion project) until my senior year. From what it sounds like, you want to engineer yourself to be a strong applicant, but in reality you’ll stumble across something you really love and your love for that subject will pour through in your application. That kind of passion is what Wellesley is looking for, not just a student who goes to school, follows the rules, and gets good grades.

Once again, you asked for a chance on someone who doesn’t have many extracurriculars, I would say very low. But that’s not to say you don’t still have time to find that passion project, so best of luck to you in finding that gran obra!

Edit: You also stated you wanted to go into engineering liberal arts? Check out Olin which is also in the town of Wellesley. It’s a super small engineering liberal arts undergrad. You can cross register Olin-Wellesley and the Olin ppl are the sweetest beings on earth.