do you actually like high school?

<p>or do you do it just to get into college</p>

<p>I hate High School. The only thing I like about it is the EC's. I do good in class (usually all A's), but I hate my classes. I am so ready for college.</p>

<p>High School is alright.</p>

<p>High school was only bearable for me because of my ECs and my friends. </p>

<p>I hated the academic part of HS. I hated learning a bunch of **** that I'll never, ever use in real life, like Algebra II. I hated all the teachers who played favorites and seemed to only be there for a paycheck, not because they genuinely liked to teach. I hated that one crowd of kids that thought they controlled the school, when in reality they were all rude, spoiled, stuck-up, condescending, pretentious *******s whom nobody actually liked. I hated being holed-up like prisoners in classrooms for seven hours a day learning useless crap. I hated the lack of school spirit, huge drug culture, crappy sports teams, insistence on fake orange tans and wearing $300 dollar jeans and these tacky ass shirts (</a> > LNA Open Armhole Tee). I hated how if you were different and if you refused to conform to the standards of idiocy set by the "in" crowd, you were seen as weird and abnormal. I hated those dumb girls who would post pictures on Facebook of themselves holding vodka bottles and cigarettes at parties and then make their status "SOOOOOO hungover," because obviously if you need to show off to people that you smoke/drink than you're a sad, sad person. I don't know if you could tell, but there were a LOT of things I hated about hs.</p>

<p>I (kind of) like high school.</p>

<p>^^Agreed. And there are the girls who wear the skimpiest clothing. Yet, I wear a tank top and get dressed coded! Then a girl with a spaghetti top, boobs flying out her shirt, and a you can see her butt gets away from getting dress coded! What's up with that!?</p>

<p>I happen to go to a pretty good public school where the (AP) teachers care, but I still just strongly dislike, say, math, whereas I wish I could take double english and pile up on arts classes. This is why I can't wait to attend (a liberal arts) college.
From personal experience, a single "bad" subject can ruin an entire year.
But high school's pretty chill. I'm in a friend group that has virtually no drama, and when I'm not studying all the time I'm on the computer or reading. I don't have to worry about finances. I've got it nice right now, and it could be better, but it could also be way worse.
EDIT: I just read the posts above me and realized that I forgot to add in the social aspect. I'm hard to make friends with, but the AP kids at my school are really cool, and as for the annoying loud people, they could care less about me and vice versa.
This reminds me, high school got like 200% better once I completed P.E.</p>

<p>God I hate HS. From people thinking they're the **** when they're really not.
People getting drunk and coming to school high and drunk. Getting treated differently when you say you like academic stuff and for answering questions correctly. HS Sucks.</p>

<p>High school has its +s and -s. I hate the "popular" kids who think that the students who perform well in school and get high grades don't have a life outside of academics. I also hate the kids who act friendly in front of a person, but then make fun of that person behind his back. On the other hand, I love hanging out with friends and talking to teachers who actually care about my success. And, I love learning and getting good grades!</p>

<p>Yeah well...everyone kinda knows how I feel about high</p>

<p>I'm having fun with magical color alteringgg <3</p>

<p>I am ambivalent.</p>

<p>I genuinely enjoyed it. Especially from sophomore year onward.</p>

<p>I LOVE it, but that's mostly because I am lucky enough to really, really love my school.</p>

<p>Although I usually complain about my high school on a daily basis I have to say I kinda like it. Ya there are some things about my school that are incredibly annoying but as I reach my last year I kinda feel sad that I'm going to be leaving soon...</p>

<p>I like it. I have great friends, and, unlike many, I do really enjoy the IB program :) I'm so glad I'm not at an AP school.</p>

<p>I like it ONLY because I get to see my friends. I greatly dislike nearly every other aspect of it.</p>

<p>I loved high school. I didn't care about grades though. That made all the difference. </p>

<p>I still go back to visit my old teachers, theater, friends, etc. </p>

<p>I feel bad for everyone who hated it. I don't understand it.</p>

<p>I actually really like school. It's fun, at times. The art classes make it worth going to, really. And lunch. But the actual school aspect isn't that bad.</p>

<p>It's alright. Some classes are pointless (most math after an intro class, unless you plan on doing something math-related as a career).</p>

<p>The people are okay, but I'm pretty tired of how my peers are either judgmental of the downtown metropolis we live in... Or call themselves ToTaLLy gangstuh!!!1!!1 when they live in a gated 5 bedroom house an hour away from anything moderately interesting</p>

<p>I loved high school! I didn't want it to end</p>