do you actually like high school?

<p>^Whatever works for you. It certainly worked for me :) I have a great life, and a promising future. Best of both worlds!</p>

<p>I'm glad you're enjoying your life. :D</p>

<p>Although I probably should be taking college applications more seriously... I'm being a bit too complacent, which isn't good. Especially not if I want to go to a top tier school :/</p>

<p>^good advice, best friend.</p>

<p>High school sucks. It's a waste of time...I need to be around motivated people, not pothead losers.</p>

<p>^^I'm glad you approve, best friend :D</p>

<p>hahaa what up bff?</p>

<p>Not much, just trying to improve the lives and ease the stresses of my fellow CCers through my sage-like wisdom.</p>

<p>HS is pretty awesome.</p>

<p>^^your efforts are admirable, bff
^jersey not as awesome as you, no?</p>

<p>I don't like HS its like being in prison. I made great friends. I kinda exposed me to the real world. In my Junior high everyone were friends. In HS theirs idoits, fake people, smart people, nice people, evil people, and everything in between. And this will continue as long as we live sadly, that's human nature. I had good and bad times in HS but who didn't eitheir.</p>