Do you “apply” for transfer after having 45 quarter units?

Hello all, im currently taking courses at de anza this spring and this upcomimg summer. I took some classes from a 4 year university as well, all lower division GE courses that were transferable to my college. I will be having about 45-50 quarter units completed by this summer. Will i be eligible to apply for transfer this upcoming fall? Once i apply for transfer i just have to finish the remaining courses for my major and IGETC by summer, correct?

I asked this question a lot but someone said youd need 90 quarter units to transfer but that wasnt my question. I understand thats what i need to get in, but to apply i think its what you accomplished in one year? Because the application proccess takes about one school year doesnt it?

Im applying to transfer to SJSU for business. I have a 3.6 transfferable GPA. Finsihed all englishes courses, math courses, econ courses, and started some business courses and accounting classes that goes towards my major.

You need to check the application due dates for transfers. Usually they are later than for freshmen applicants. For example, a lot of places that have freshman due dates of January 1 have transfer due dates of March 1 for fall admission.

So yes, you will not have completed your full 90 quarter credits or 60 semester credits when you apply for admission, but you will include information about your projected schedule showing that you expect to complete the required number of credits by the end of the academic year.

Thank you so much!

You will need to complete 90 quarter units prior to transfer, so you need to have all these units completed by end of Spring 2019 to transfer for Fall 2019. You will be half way to your goal at the time of application so yes you can apply, but does your plan include another 40-45 units by Spring 2019? The transfer application deadline for SJSU will be November 30th 2018 for Fall 2019.