Do you enjoy your classes?

<p>I always heard that when you get to college you would enjoy going to class, because it's something that interests you. This is opposed to high school classes. </p>

<p>So how many of you enjoy your classes at college? I mean, do you look forward to them?</p>

<p>I've done about 2 years of college (community college), in a transfer program, and I recently realized how I have not enjoyed any of my classes. this includes a bunch of major-related courses. I'm doing what I got to do, but it seems my whole life is nothing but painful, boring tasks (school and job). </p>

<p>I find myself wishing time would go by faster, the vast majority of my life. The only thing I look forward to is my paycheck. My biggest challenge is staying awake in class, no exageration. I get enough sleep, it's just the boredom.</p>

<p>I don't want to sound like I'm complaining because I know I am lucky to have the oppurtunity to go to school and live in this country.</p>

<p>Sometimes I'll get a really intriguing professor for an engineering course, but frankly, more often, the classes just have professors standing up their doing: proofs, definitions, and example problems. You really have to go to their office to get help with a problem to see how they are in real life (their personality).</p>

<p>The classes I like, I look forward too. Right now I like classes for my minor, aviation safety. In prior years I've liked classes even such as Statics or Calculus because of the professor (funny, energetic, or communicated well).</p>

<p>Even if you like the subject material and think if it's the collest thing in the world, for me, if the professor can't teach it well, it isn't worth anything to me.</p>

<p>Life really isn't about your job. Sure, you should enjoy what you do, but family is more important. (in my eyes) I'm just going to school to hopefully have a career that I can enjoy enough that I don't dread going to it everyday.</p>

<p>I disagree. You should feel that you are doing something meaningful with your life. That doesn't mean you should be at the edge of your seat in every class(especially lower division ones), but there should be at least some point in some of your classes where you sit up and say "Hey, that's kind of cool." Why else would you want to be in a major? There's also the distinction you need to make between hating a subject because you're lazy and hating it, because you really are much better at something else.</p>

<p>I don't know, I love my family, but having just that is not nearly enough. Nor is just getting a good sized paycheck. If you are just interested in money, you should go into finance or law.</p>

<p>I am looking forward to real analysis this quarter, and quantum physics.</p>

<p>freshman...lower division classes suck</p>

<p>Like I've said before in other threads, my education in engineering seemed really disjointed until my senior year. I started to freak out about my not liking engineering... Things just didn't seem to be panning out the way I thought they were going to, I wasn't enjoying my classes as much as I'd hoped, I didn't feel prepared, I was positive that I'd made a terrible mistake in pursuing engineering, and I'd more or less resigned myself to being an engineer to pay the bills and then to spend my spare time on my hobbies in order to make myself happy.</p>

<p>Once I was a senior, though, I took those few final classes that started to knit everything together, and my body-of-knowledge more or less started to congeal. I could finally see where I was headed, and then I started to enjoy my classes. Not really in a day-to-day "oh boy I get to go to hydrology" sort of way (who in their right mind wants to get up for an 8 AM class and sit in a lecture hall on a gorgeous day? not I...), but more in an overarching "I'm learning useful things and I'm starting to feel like I'm becoming an actual engineer, oh how fulfilling!" sort of way.</p>

<p>I think that's sort of what people are driving at when they say that you should be enjoying your classes once you get to college.</p>