Do you follow the same religion as your parents?

<p>Parents: Roman Catholic</p>

<p>Me: Roman Catholic</p>

<p>Great Grand Parents: ???
Grandparents: Christian
Parents: Christian
Me: Christian</p>

<p>Mom: Baptist
Dad: Catholic
Me: Christian</p>

Like pretty much everyone else on this page, my parents and I are agnostic cheasters.


<p>I've never heard cheasters! We always say Creasters.</p>

<p>Dad: Catholic
Mum: Catholic</p>

<p>Me: Pastafarianism</p>

<p>Maternal grandmother/her husband: crazy assembly of god [they're just crazy people. my mom's not actually talking to her mom...]
maternal grandfather/his wife: methodist
mother: philosophical methodist [so a free thinker, but from a methodist perspective]</p>

<p>paternal grandfather: raised pentecostal [his dad was a preacher]. i think he still is but he's pretty mellow about religion
paternal grandmother: southern baptist
father: raised baptist, philosophical christian </p>

<p>my parents aren't as strictly religious as their families, and they want me to be a free thinker above all else [so as long as i have morals, convictions and opinions, they're fine. it would be worse if i mindlessly followed their religion]. At this point, I think I'm more of an agnostic, though I might just end up joining a unitarian church. I volunteer at one and i like it. I was baptized and confirmed a methodist.</p>

<p>Parents: Atheist</p>

<p>Me: CCist
They don't know. They'll probably think I'm an idiot when I tell them :/</p>

<p>pastafarianism ftw haha. more and more people have been touched by His Noodly Appendage</p>

<p>^^ What is a CCist?</p>

<p>I am ignorant.</p>

<p>Mom: Christian
Dad: I think he is an atheist.</p>

<p>Me: Christian</p>

<p>^^ :O it's the official religion of College Confidential!</p>

<p>Lol, do you pray to the HYP admin gods?</p>

<p>Isn't Aero our "God"?</p>

<p>Aero is our all-powerful Mod</p>

<p>^^ i.e. AeroEngineer3141. He still posts on occasion</p>

<p>I don't believe in Aero...</p>

<p>Then you, sir, are a blasphemer! >:O</p>

<p>We solely need one more poster to join our club and then we will possess 60 members!</p>

<p>^^ Oh my Aero, do you really think I care?</p>

<p>omg derek you have to join so we'll have 60!</p>

<p>My family is pretty devout christians, me? I think that if there is a god, he doesn't care about my day to day life. I do believe in god and stuff, but I also think that Jesus died simply because he ****ed off the wrong people. I try to keep an open mind.</p>