Do you follow the same religion as your parents?

<p>Self-explanatory, do you?</p>

<p>Grandpa = Buddhist
Dad = Mixture between Buddhist and Atheist
Me = Atheist</p>

<p>Me = Agnostic.
Parents - Christian/Agnostic.</p>

<p>Parents - Catholic
Me - Atheist</p>

<p>They don't know either, and sometimes I'm dragged to church with them. Oh well. I'll wait until after college until I tell them since I'm not sure how they'll react.</p>

<p>My parents are Christians, but you can really only tell on Sundays. I never believed anything because of this until a friend invited me to a pretty cool church where the preacher was hot lol, no one was wearing suits and dresses, there were no pews, and the sermons were painfully sobering. I was saved last Easter and I'm an awful Christian, but I'm cleaning up well. I've lost trust from several friends with ulterior motives, but I thrive off of persecution and seek grace through perseverance.</p>

<p>Grandpa: Born Catholic, now Buddhist.
Grandma: Jewish
Step-Grandma: Unitarian Universalist
Dad: Born Jewish, now ...theist? maybe?</p>

<p>Grandpa: Gypsy/Raised by an atheist communist stepdad
Grandma: Spiritualist.
Mom: uhhh.... we'll go with a spiritualist/Gypsy mix?</p>

<p>Sister: Christian (Noooo idea where that came from)</p>

<p>Me: Catholic until 8th grade. Now "Wiccan" but really a mix of my Roma heritage and spiritualist beliefs.</p>

<p>Grandpa on Dad's side: Serbian Orthodox
Grandma on Dad's side: Lutheran</p>

<p>Gandpa and Grandma on Mom's side: Lutheran</p>

<p>Dad: Serbian Orthodox
Mom: Nondemonination Christian (tho she is a very devoted Christian)</p>

<p>Me: an extremely devoted Presbyterian</p>

<p>umm, so where are all the CC-ists</p>

<p>Parents: Hindu
Me: Atheist
It makes for akward situations</p>

<p>Mother: Christian
Father: Slightly Buddhist, because granma is
Me: Undecided/philosopher</p>

<p>Mom: Jew
Dad: Jew
Me: Confused, agnostic Jew.</p>

<p>Paternal Grandfather: Baptist
Paternal Grandmother: Baptist
Father: AME, church every Sunday, very involved, but I always get this slip-slidey feeling that he doesn't believe any of it</p>

<p>Maternal Grandmother: Baptist, converted to Catholicism after or sometime around marriage
Maternal Grandfather: Catholic
Mother: Catholic, basically. "Officially" Methodist according to some document I found, but I've never seen her go into a Methodist church. Not that she goes to church at all. Or knows anything about her religion. Flirted with Buddhism in college.</p>

<p>Sister: Baptist, but sends daughter to Catholic school
Brother: Baptist, opposed to Catholicism
Sister: Agnostic, but officially baptized (unlike me)
Me: Christian, with beliefs that were declared heretical at least a 1000 years ago, DX.</p>

<p>Entire family & relatives: muslim</p>

<p>parents: muslim
me: muslim (yes im a praticing muslim;ipray 5 times a day (well, i try to) and fast, read the Quran and believe in pretty much everything in Islam).</p>

<p>Yeah. Christianity. </p>

<p>And then my relatives are all Buddhists. </p>

<p>It's kind of awkward, but problems never really come up except for on Tomb Sweeping Day.</p>

<p>All my relatives, including parents and siblings, are muslim. I'm an atheist (and very much anti-religion). Good thing they know nothing. =P</p>

<p>BTW, anyone think a thread like this might be more interesting in the parents' forum? I'm curious to see what they would think.</p>

<p>^Something along these lines, I would think:</p>

<p>Parent 1: I discourage my D and S from being religious. That time could be better spent studying or developing their ECs.
Parent 2: That's a narrow-minded view to take. My DD is religious and started a Religion club in her HS. It will look great on her r</p>

<p>Dad: Atheist
Mom: Christian
Me: Agnostic/Buddhist </p>

<p>So, I'd suppose no</p>

<p>Both of my parents are Jewish. I was forced to attend Sunday School and Hebrew School so I could have a Bat Mitzvah and learn the stories in the Torah. Neither of those things has opened me up spiritually. In fact, I think that my parents' forcing me to attend these schools backfired. If anything, I absolutely can't stand going to Temple. I think that learning how to read Hebrew has actually made me resent it, as I have no idea what the words I read mean. For me, I see no use in saying prayers that have no meaning to me personally. Sure, I would love to actually learn the language and travel to Israel, but until then I will feel disconnected from my religion. I only go to Temple on Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah.</p>

<p>I still consider myself Jewish as I do believe in G-d, but not in Jesus Christ or his Holy Spirit. But I definitely consider myself more as a cultural Jew who likes celebrating the actual holidays with family, not so much in the Temple.</p>

<p>Parents: Agnostic Judaism
Me: Agnostic Judaism/atheism (But I do believe in karma)</p>

<p>Like pretty much everyone else on this page, my parents and I are agnostic cheasters.</p>