Do you get a refund for dropping classes? I've added and dropped SO many times.

<p>I always see the "you will be charged $1600" but never you were refunded $1000. Does it automatically get put into ur account?</p>

<p>Refund</a> Policy | Berkeley Summer Sessions</p>

<p>Log onto bearfacts (for students), click on the CARS section, then click on the "Quick Statement" link. It will show you the balance of your account right now. </p>

<p>The regular e-bill is a static once-a-month paper bill turned electronic. It shows the balance as of the one day they processed bills for the month. Payments, refunds or new changes after that date will not change that e-bill. It will only be the generation of the following months e-bill where you see all those changes. However, quick statement shows you the actual balance and changes each day as you pay, get refunds and incur charges.</p>