Do you get an e-mail of acceptance from McGill?

<p>Hey all,</p>

<p>I was just wondering if you get an e-mail of acceptance if you get accepted into McGill. Or do I only know of my acceptance from Minerva and the letter of acceptance?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance</p>

<p>You get an actual (old school paper) letter.</p>

<p>Yes I know. But do you get an e-mail as well or do I have to keep on checking Minerva?</p>

<p>Just keep checking Minerva, that's what I did. It'll say Admitted Pending Final Results.</p>

<p>It goes:</p>

<p>Email saying your Minerva account has changed -> Minerva account displays decision -> Letter outlining your offer and conditions -> Welcome/Congratulations emails</p>

<p>Mine's been saying ready for review for like 4 months now. Anyone else experience this ?</p>

<p>@oscarUK thank you for that :)
@kanchuka yeah it means once your turn comes, they will make a decision. Don't worry decisions started only a month ago so you'll have your decision soon. I sent my transcripts last week and it's been "ready for review" since Monday</p>

<p>hmm yeah fingers crossed!</p>

<p>Hey guys just a quick question. Now I know McGill started sending out letters of acceptances a few weeks back. Now I recently changed my mailing address coz I moved. Any thoughts on whether, if there is a letter, that it'll go to my old address or new one? [I updated this info on Minerva]. I guess the real question is does McGill send out letters of acceptance to say a specific program all at once or case by case taking their time?</p>