Do you guys know how AP scores work in our transcripts?

<p>I still have to call and get mine sent to my CC, but I was wondering if they give you a letter grade in the class that applies or something</p>

<p>Is there a reason to send them to your CC? I'll just be sending mine to the UC I'm accepted to.</p>

<p>I don't think AP units affect GPA.</p>

<p>well the counselor told me to get them sent to our school. so I don't know what they're gonna do unless they use them to clear some prerequisites.</p>

<p>Yeah, they may be using them for IGETC requirements.</p>

<p>yeah it's for the IGETC, but do you know if I still have to send those scores to the schools I get into?</p>

<p>Yes, AFAIK. The scores are the equivalent of your transcript for those units.</p>

<p>You need to send them to your CCC if you wish to apply it toward your IGETC or AA degree. Otherwise you can just send it to the UC you decide to enroll in after you are admitted.</p>

<p>AP gets applied to IGETC like this:</p>

<p>AP credit for IGETC is the following:
AP Exam | Area it counts toward</p>

<p>Art History* | 3A or 3B*
U.S. Government & Politics | 4H and US 2
Biology | 5B with lab
Human Geography | 4E
Calculus AB | 2A
Italian Language & Culture | 3B and 6A
Calculus BC | 2A
Japanese Language & Culture | 3B and 6A
Chemistry | 5A with lab
Latin Literature | 3B and 6A
Chinese Language & Culture | 3B and 6A
Latin: Vergil | 3B and 6A
Macroeconomics | 4B
Physics B | 5A with lab
Microeconomics | 4B
Physics C mechanics | 5A with lab
English Language | 1A
Physics C electricity/magnetism | 5A with lab
English Literature* | 1A or 3B*
Psychology | 4I
Environmental Science | 5A with lab
Spanish Language | 3B and 6A
European History* | 3B or 4F*
Spanish Literature | 3B and 6A
French Language | 3B and 6A
Statistics | 2A
French Literature | 3B and 6A
U.S. History* | (3B or 4F<em>) and US 1
German Language | 3B and 6A
World History</em> | 3B or 4F*
Comparative Government &Politics | 4H</p>

<p>*AP exams may be used in either area regardless of where the certifying CCC’s discipline is
located. </p>

<p>Source: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>SO, do you know will college give you a letter grade for AP or just a passing grade?</p>