Do you guys post your essay once accepted or after deadline?

<p>I seldom go this forum but now I'd like to join since I have been admitted in UIUC EA and finished all application, including one for Yale.</p>

<p>My Yale essay moved my counselor and even myself..So I'd like to share it and see what you guys think. Would posting it cause problems? If not then I'm happy to share.</p>

<p>All you'll do is tempt people to plagarize. Be content . Don't do it.</p>

<p>^^ Agree with T26E4.</p>

<p>When posting to College Confidential, you should assume that college admissions directors are reading your posts. If you post an essay, anyone can read and steal it!</p>

<p>A more cautious approach to getting an opinion of your essay would be to ask a well-respected poster if they would read and comment on your essay -- and then handle the matter via Private Message or email.</p>

I nearly gave up when struggling with the essay, so I just want to share it with others. Yet after reading your comments I decide not to do it..</p>