Do you guys separate school and play on your computers at all or not? Do you have separate accounts, one for school and another for play, or just have one account?

This past fall as well as recently, I’ve been having a problem where I would be distracted by things on my computer for various reasons and procrastinate on assignments big and small. I’m seriously considering creating a 2nd account just for school. I’m wondering what other people do, if anything, to separate school and recreation.

Depending on your laptop, you may be able to turn on “Do Not Disturb” or “Focus” so you aren’t getting incoming text notifications. I would also recommend closing any windows that don’t have to do with your assignment. I also like creating a schedule- for example, let me finish these two assignments, and then I’ll watch an episode of a TV show.

I have one account for all my needs and I never had any problems with it.