Do you guys think I’d get into umich, uwash, and emory?

So I live in Michigan and here are my stats:

4.00 UW, 4.22 W GPA
8 APs total and 4 Honors
AP Bio: 5
AP Micro: 5
AP Lang: 4
32 ACT
1470 Superscore SAT (740 M, 730 RW)
STEM Biomedical Program
National Honor Society
Student Council President 2019-2020
Student Ambassador
JV Tennis

I actually got into UChicago but I’m still waiting on UMich, the University of Washington and Emory, what do you think my chances are of getting in?

Being instate… Good… More importantly… What is your school’s history with sending students to Michigan. Also, what does Naviance say people with similar profile get into these schools.

Congrats on UChicago… Much different then Michigan in like everyway… What are you going into and what do you want out of college and campus life?

Being instate and going to Michigan is one of the best college values out there…

Did you submit scores to Chicago? Which ones? If you did not have that admit, I would have guessed, yes to UW, 50/50 to Michigan and slightly worse odds to Emory. Clearly Chicago, a similarly difficult college to Emory saw something. Let’s hope MIch and Emory see the same thing. Good luck!

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