Do you have a senior project?

<p>My school does we have to pick a debatable topic. Get a mentor, write a paper etc etc and then present to judges. </p>

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<p>We do as well. I am quite confused over what it is exactly because where I went to school before did not have it. All I know is that we have to do a certain amount of hours, have a mentor and shadow the, write a paper, have some type of "product", and give a presentation.</p>

<p>We have to write a ten page essay about the future and
How we will use what we learned in HS in college. Ugh i hate my HS it

<p>Since I'm in my high-school's engineering strand, I can choose whatever engineering project I want as long as it solves a problem in society (in my case, a design for a RF particle accelerator for radiotherapy-hopefully I can get it to work), so that's pretty fun!</p>