Do you have a weird phobia?

I have Trypophobia is a fear of holes, like those in this lotus flower seed pod.
I wouldn’t say it’s a fear, just more of a real aversion as in some photos of things make my skin crawl and feel sick on my stomach.

Be forewarned of this link if you have this phobia. It was difficult for me to post it.

Not a phobia but I get a little nervous about riding in an elevator alone. I used to have reoccurring dreams. I think it is the fear of not knowing who could be on the other side of the doors when they open. I do take elevators by myself when necessary so not a true phobia, but I’m much more relaxed if someone I know is with me.

Slugs. Snails are okay.

Not weird, but snakes in real life, and even pictures turn my stomach. Worms are ok, just not snakes, even a little garter snake, which were always in our yard in the summer.

No weird ones, just the typical-fear of heights and flying, large hairy spiders, sharks.

The most memorable to me was one I saw on Dr. Phil years ago. A woman was afraid of cotton balls. One of the producers entered the studio way at the back with one in his hand and she literally jumped out of her seat and started running away crying.

When I was a little kid, I had a crazy fear of quicksand. I would have nightmares about being sucked into it and would slap myself in my sleep to wake myself up before I sunk!

No idea where this came from. I have never encounter quicksand. Seems like it used to be in movies a lot when I was little.

I’m afraid of birds. I’m fine if they’re in cages, but any other time I don’t like pet or wild birds.

My GM had a pet canary that was trained to land on your finger. It landed on everyone’s finger but mine. I was 4yo, had a head of curly hair, and the bird kept landing on my head. I freaked out. That was the origin of my fear of birds.

I’ve been known to cross the street to avoid birds. If I’m with other people, I’ll let them walk ahead of me to scare away the birds.

My phobia is crowds, especially crowds with no clear exit route. It even hits me on stopped highways. I get close to a panic attack.

I have the typical phobia of heights, closed spaces, any type of rodent.

BUT if we are talking weird phobia…

With so much texting now in place of phone calls, I almost have a phobia of cell phone calls! “Uh oh! ______ is calling me instead of texting - something must be wrong!” I sort of hate when my phone actually rings - I get a little anxious every time!

Nothing weird that I can think of. Just a typical one of snakes, and I’ve gotten better with that since my youth. I even voluntarily held a larger, not really moving, tame snake last March in the Dominican Republic. I wouldn’t want to hold a slithering one though. Lizards and eels don’t bother me at all - just snakes.

I don’t know that it’s a phobia, but the other thing I really don’t like is doctor appts. Needles are fine, as is donating blood, and dentists, so I’m not quite sure what it is, but it’s tough for me to make an appt and follow through with it even when I know something is wrong. It has to be really, really wrong. One way doctors knew my brain tumor was almost certainly benign is because it took me 19 months of symptoms before I ended up seeing someone. They flat out said so. It was kind of cute having them re-ask the question, “How long has this been going on?” certain they had heard me wrong. But yeah, when I think about it I’d much rather just live with “whatever.” Or die from it. I have to “not” think about it except in a very basic sense to get something done. So maybe it’s a phobia - BP gets very high in an appt, but not donating blood. I don’t plan to “see” someone to have them label it!

ETA - still not sure either are weird though.

Flying buzzing things. Stinging ones are the worst, but even the sound of a fly by my ear can set me off. I’ve run out in traffic before to get away. It’s like I lose all sense of reality. I’ve had to work very hard at not reacting so severely.

I’m also scared of fire. I didn’t like a match until college and I’ve never used a cigarette lighter. To light candles for bday cakes, I have some of those long propane things. I still have to breathe before using it.

I’m also scared of knives, guns, and loud noises. I’d be an awful military person.

I have a fear of water - I think I had a traumatic incident as a child that I don’t remember. I can’t swim because of it.

My weird phobia is walking down any steep grade. I feel like I am going to go rolling down and hurt myself. It is completely mental - I am perfectly capable of walking downhill!

I don’t know if this is a phobia or a reasonable fear, though I do get sweaty and anxious at the thought of it: bird’s nests. I had an infestation a few years ago from “bird mites”, a gazillion teeny tiny mites that are actually like mini-ticks, that come streaming into an apartment when the baby birds leave (or die, the mites kill the). I had to leave my apartment in a hurry and got rid of most of my stuff, had bites all over, They get under the skin of some people (me) and I had weird sensations for about two months.

I looked at an apartment today and I could see that birds had gotten into the eaves, and I felt panicky and didn’t take the apartment for fear of nests next summer.

I have a weird fear of not having a bathroom around when I need to go. (And this was pre-covid - now it might just be smart).
I drink 2 large lattes every morning, and I drink a lot of water. So before we go biking, for example, I go to the bathroom multiple times. If I have a meeting, I have to go before the meeting. I had to go pick up a kitten during COVID, and it was a little over an hour each way, with no bathroom stop, and I was seriously stressing about it.
It would probably be smarter NOT to go so often, because I might “train my bladder,” but there you have it.

@Hoggirl , google “quicksand meme”…you are not alone! “When I was a kid, I thought that quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem than it is” LOL

@TS0104 - I’ve seen that! So true!

I’m terrified of bees/wasps. My grandmother almost died of a bee sting when I was little and I’ve never been able to get over the phobia.

Also don’t like open water. Very afraid of what’s in the ocean with me.

@shellfell Also terrified of birds! As was Jim Parsons’ character on The Big Bang Theory.

Driving over high bridges and high, arching overpasses is also a phobia.

In my defense, I’m not afraid of spiders, insects, or reptiles.

I don’t mind getting phone calls, but I really hate making them.

And I have a real aversion to listening to my voice mail. In fact, my message now says don’t leave a message send me a text.