Do you have an interesting collection?

<p>I've often wondered about people's collections, and there's such an interesting mix on CC I thought it would be fun to see what others collect (if anything).</p>

<p>I collect foreign language Scrabble sets. So far I have Spanish, German, Italian, Hebrew & 4 types of English. There are close to 30 foreign language sets out there in the world.</p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>That's an interesting collection....I love scrabble and we've tried to play in other languages using the English version. (doesn't work real well). We've got 3 languages' worth of Monopoly, though.</p>

<p>When D1 was born, we started a thimble collection for her---every time we go somewhere we buy a souvenir thimble for her. When D2 came along 2 yrs. later, we went with the souvenir spoons. They haven't counted lately, but I'm sure it's well over a hundred. It's a fun way to see all the places we've gone, it doesn't take up that much space (can hang on the wall), and it gives me an excuse to visit at least one tacky souvenir store each time we're going somewhere. It's always been interesting to look up "thimble" in various languages before we travel (spanish, german, italian, french...) It's not a word normally found in the travel dictionaries!!!</p>

<p>I collect cookbooks from the 1940s and 1950s that were put out by manufacturers -- for example, the pamphlet "Spry for Baking!" that contains a few recipes and lots of pix of 1950s ladies. I have about 20 of these. </p>

<p>I also collect women's magazines from the 1950s.</p>

<p>Do you realize the war was only over for a short time at that time? That's why they idealized family life -- it was such a relief to have the men home.</p>

<p>I collect baseball caps and far atleast three for every team--throwbacks, classic, special occasion (champion), regular, batting practice, etc. Four of the teams I have 11 or more. Also a small collection of NCAA and MLB visors but not every team has a visor. Well over 7,000 baseball cards (last count was in 7th grade, 6 years ago). </p>

<p>And keychains. Every trip I go on I get a keychain from the cities we visit, especially if they're small towns that happen to have keychains. Also have a keychain from every baseball stadium. If you can't tell I love my baseball...</p>

<p>Live Concert Recordings. I have almost 600 shows with a wide mix of musical styles represented,including copies of several shows I attended. Some are are pretty rare. </p>

<p>Probably in terms of individual discs it's well over 2,000. My wife says I could listen to a new show every day for the rest of my life and never get through them all and I know she's right. </p>

<p>I'm not even sure why I keep collecting shows, I have cut way back, but every time I say I'm going to stop trading some show catches my eye and I have to have it.</p>

<p>Similar to astrophysics mom, we started collecting souvenirs for our kids when they were little, and they have kept up the habit.</p>

<p>When my son played soccer, patches were given out and traded, even at a very young age, so we started collecting souvenir patches for him from every place of interest we visited, as well. He ended up with a large collection of soccer patches (many tournaments) and a large collection of tourist patches.</p>

<p>With my daughter, three years younger, since we were collecting patches for my son, we started collecting souvenir pins for her. Most of these are the enameled "tie tack" type sold in souvenir shops, but she also added to her collection all kinds of "button" type pins (like campaign pins) from various events she has attended.</p>

<p>They are nice remembrances of past experiences for the kids.</p>

<p>I have some of those great old cookbooks too. I love the ones that talk about what a great source of satisfaction it is to look over your neatly arranged shelves of canned fruits and vegetables. They sounded so sure of it, that I tried canning, but I have no real talent for it.</p>

Do you realize the war was only over for a short time at that time? That's why they idealized family life -- it was such a relief to have the men home.


<p>They also needed--very badly--for Rosie the Riveter to put down her toolbag and tie on her apron so that there would be enough jobs for the men who came back. </p>

<p>I collect Mardi Gras ball favors, invitations and dance cards. There aren't many people who do (other than the original recipients), so you can get some very nice things. I have invitations and favors going back to the 40s.</p>

<p>I have all these mugs from the 50's that say things like "Drink More Milk" and "I Like Milk." They're cute.</p>

<p>Also have a large, old collection of depression-era kitchen shakers and cannisters in that jadite, delphite, and yellow. All collected all pre-Ebay!!!</p>

<p>Musical Instruments - somewhere between 150 and 200 these days with particular attention to flutes, recorders and other early winds</p>

<p>Music Books and Scores - two large bookcases, four four-drawer legal-sized filing cabinets and several large piles waiting to be sorted and shelved or filed (probably a few thousand unique items and maybe another thousand duplicates)</p>

<p>Depression glass collection started way back in the '70's, when it was still dirt-cheap, and large jadite collection mostly bought when I lived down South for a year--pre Martha Stewart popularity--50 cents and less a piece! Also, antique childrens' books. (I like old cookbooks, too. :))</p>

<p>Down here you can still get the green depression glass cheap, especially the block pattern. Everyone hates it.</p>

<p>I collect pink. But thanks anyway. ;)</p>

<p>Christmas ornaments, especially from trips, places we have visited.
My husband has developed an interest in Roman coins, and he and my son collect Boy Scout patches.</p>

<p>Oyster plates are a real popular collectible here.</p>

<p>antique fishing tackle and asian fishermen statues (adding to my great grandmothers collection)</p>

<p>Husband loves his Hess trucks (still buy 2 a year)</p>

<p>JustAMom, what a sweet question!</p>

<p>For me, it's handmade BASKETS, from anywhere in the world. I like them because the plants come from peoples' environments--a hand-whittled oak-splint basket made by a 90-year-old man in Kentucky; a woven-reed basket from Zaire; bunched pinecones from North Carolina; bamboo from China; goatskin-covered from Ethiopia. It makes me feel connected and gives me chills, sometimes. Guess I'm a basket-case.</p>

<p>The ones mentioned I display, but many lesser ones are in use, all over the house, holding COLLEGE BILLS.</p>

<p>I used to have a collection of vomit bags from airlines all over the world. Unfortunately it got stolen. I still have a collection of first day stamp issues from Somalia 1964-67. Anyone want it? ;) My mother collects cribbage boards - I've got three or four myself, plus 3 mancala boards. I try to buy at least one new Christmas ornament a year. I have way more than that from our years in Germany. I also have a pretty good collection of blown eggs - both Russian style, homestyle and cool ones we got in Germany.</p>

<p>Your vomit bags got stolen? They must be more valuable than I would think!!</p>

<p>Antique blue willow china. I have several sets with many different side pieces. Most of the pieces are from the late 1800's through the early 1900's. The china is very special to me. My mother was born in 1919, and the china originally came from her grandmother. Several pieces have been added throughout the years, so it's a real mixmatch of antique to pieces from the 40's and 50's.</p>

<p>I collect hands! No, not real hands, y'all! :eek: I collect ceramic hands, especially from N. Funk ceramics ( <a href=""&gt;;/a> ). I began my collection when you could only find them in the small, funky shops in Miami when I was a college student. I only got a few then as I was on a typical student budget ;) . </p>

<p>Friends have added varioius other brass (and other metal) hands and different ceramic hands to my collection. I also like hand jewelry. </p>

<p>My hubster gave me this for one of our anniversaries. OMG, it is stunning!
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Hands completely fascinate me! :D</p>

<p>And I also collect unusual sterling silver serving pieces, although what with college tuition, I've kinda cut down on that little hobby for the time being.</p>