Do you have to commit to a school in order to apply for a scholarship?

<p>Here's my situation:</p>

<p>I'm applying Early Decision to one school and won't have my decision until mid-December. However, I'm also applying to my backup schools through regular decision right now. </p>

<p>I'll know the admissions decisions from those schools by late September and the priority deadline for scholarships at those schools is in mid-December, the same time that I'll receive my admissions decision from my Early Decision school.</p>

<p>So, I'm wondering... do you have to commit to a school before you can apply for scholarships? If so, could I go ahead and have all of the forms filled out and decide to commit and send in my scholarship apps if I find out I was rejected from my ED school?</p>

<p>Sorry if this sounds dumb, but I'm slightly overwhelmed right now.
Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>No, you don't have to commit to a school to apply for scholarships. You can withdraw your apps if you get into your ED school. If $ is important to you, think hard about whether ED would work for you since even for colleges that guarantee to meet 100% of your financial need, what the colleges think you need may be less than what your family feels you need.</p>

<p>Also think about whether if you got a full ride merit scholarship from your non ED school, you'd take that over going to your ED school. Applying ED wouldn't give you that chance since after getting accepted, you have to withdraw your other applications.</p>

<p>Check particular school for rules but usual rule is no, you do not have to commit to apply for scholarships. And adding to comment above, another ED concern is that they may meet need but make most of it loans not grants.</p>

<p>Thanks, guys!</p>

<p>I've already checked out the financial aid program at my ED school and it would allow me to get enough aid that I would be able to afford to go with a few outside scholarships.</p>

<p>Thanks again! (:</p>