Do you have to graduate with Distinguished Level of Achievement for top 10 admission?

Does a student from Texas have to graduate high school with DLA for top 10 admission to Texas public universities, or can an SAT score qualify one for top ten admission as well?
(I am ranked 6/106, but my unofficial transcript has me graduating with “Foundation with Endorsement.”)

That’s a good question to ask a counselor at your school. Someone here with more expertise may chime in, but someone in the state system would know best.

From my cursory read of the definitions below, it does say DLA makes you eligible for top 10%, and the difference between the two is completion of Algebra 2.

I’ve never heard/read any discussion about SAT score being used for this automatic admission.

With a rank of 6/106, you’re already in the top 10% of your graduating class, it doesn’t matter what your graduation plan is.

SAT score and endorsements have nothing to do with top 10% ranking. Your class rank will be based upon what your grades are in context to your specific graduating class in your school. Every school district in Texas has their own method of calculating class rank and GPA.

For larger schools, Whether or not DLA of achievement is necessary will depend on your specific school. In my son’s competitive high school in a Dallas area, suburb the only way a student is going to be in the top 10% is if they have taken a rigorous course load all 4 head that is very AP & Dual Credit heavy…even then, with straight A’s all 4 years they still might now crack 10%…my senior this year has 1078 students in his graduating class.