Do you have to play your All State piece in time?

<p>I'm preparing a Clarinet solo for the NYSSMA All State audition.
One of the parts is at 112 beats per minute, and it has sixteenth notes.
Currently the fastest I can get it is 104 beats per minute. Would I be penalized?</p>

<p>Did anyone perform a piece slower than the bpm given and still receive full marks?
Or are there any All State judges here that can directly answer my question? Thanks.</p>

<p>playing it 8 bpm less does not matter.</p>

<p>112 would be ideal, but if you're already at 104 then it's more important to focus on other aspects of your performance, such as style, dynamics, tone, etc.</p>

<p>I always did what the music shows in terms of speed. Sometimes it was so crazy I could hardly get any breath... It might be better to play a little bit slower but perfect than at the tempo but not perfect. btw, I tried twice in middle school, did not get in. I may try again. It's hard!!</p>