Do you have to take AP Chem in high school?

<p>For senior year, I will be taking AP Spanish Lit, AP Physics, and AP Chemistry, which I classify would be my hardest AP classes of that year. Other than those three, I would be taking AP: English Lit, USH, & Statistics. I am a non-native speaker and my school requires 4 years of a language IN high school so I just decided to stick with Spanish instead of learning a new language such as German. My school just became IBDP so I'll give you the DP version of my schedule as well: Spanish B SL 2, Physics HL 2, AP Chemistry, English HL 2, History of Americas HL 2, and Math HL 2. I gave the AP version initially because some people might be more familiar with it.</p>

<p>So for senior year, if I feel like my course load is too much, would it hurt my college admissions if I took APES or an easier AP course instead of AP Chem? I want to be a pre-med major so would it hurt my chances if I don't take AP Chem in high school? I've already taken AP Biology sophomore year and I took Honors Chem over the summer between sophomore and junior year.</p>

<p>No such thing as “a pre-med major” here in the US.</p>

<p>I asked top colleges like University of Chicago, and they don’t care if you take AP Bio or AP chem specifically if you are going into pre-med. 1 should be enough</p>

<p>@master1006‌ thank you!</p>