Do you have to take Counseling 100 to register for classes at DeAnza college?

<p>So I am starting DeAnza College in the fall of 2011 this year. I just found out you have to take counseling 100. I searched the class schedule but theres only counseling 200. Are they the same thing? Do I have to take counseling 100 to register for classes? All the classes I need are almost basically gone. How long would I have to be in counseling 100 for? I also see that you have to take a "Getting Started Workshop" as well. Is this mandatory?</p>

<p>Sounds like a phone call to the college is in order, dontcha think? Who here will know the answer to that highly specific question?</p>

<p>I'm just asking for help like everyone else. I really don't care for opinions like yours right now.</p>

<p>dude: i wasn't trying to be snarky. But your question is so incredibly specific that you should realize that only a current student or administrator at that college could possibly give you an answer. You'd be best served by calling them and getting a definitive answer rather than a guess by an online stranger, if you get any reply at all.</p>

<p>Im pretty sure anyone whose gone to DeAnza would know about these things. And I also already called the school counselor about this situation and he says that if I go to the Getting Started Workshop the person there can help me. But problem is that I need someone to take me there because I can't drive yet and I've got a kid and everyone works in this house so theres no time to go down to the college to even get to this workshop. I just wanted to know if anyone knows anything about my question if I can't get there.</p>