Do you know anyone rejected by Stanford and accepted by Harvard? Please post!

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>Today I was rejected by Stanford and the whole ordeal has proved quite hurtful. To be honest, the flat-out rejection took me by surprise, and has made me re-evaluate different aspects of my application.</p>

<p>While at the moment it's hard to consider attending a different school, I know that I'll have to "snap out of it" in the near future (I know, I know- I shouldn't have become so attached!). One school that has interested me for awhile is Harvard.</p>

<p>Please post if you know someone who's been rejected by Stanford, but then accepted by Harvard. (This thread has really one, admittedly selfish purpose - to lift my spirits. :))</p>

<p>*Disclaimer: *I'm not focused on Harvard and Stanford simply for the names... I'm looking at plenty of other schools... no worries.</p>

<p>Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!</p>


<p>i know two people accepted by Harvard, then rejected by thats in the reverse order...good luck with Harvard man...i got deferred tdy, so i'm down as well...</p>

<p>I do know a girl (senior at Harvard now) rejected at Stanford early, then accepted at Harvard.</p>

<p>ok and does anyone deferred by Harvard get into Stanford later? (like raven i'm asking for purely selfish reasons)</p>

<p>I know a girl who's a freshman at Harvard this year from California who only got into Harvard and UC-Berkeley--she was rejected by both Stanford and Princeton.</p>

<p>cant believe harvard deferred 3120 people</p>

<p>hey raven--don't worry, everyone from the stanford thread still thinks you're awesome :-)</p>

<p>how many people does Harvard normally defer?
For some reason I think the RD application pool is going to be extremely crappy, and they'll end up taking nearly 10 percent more from the EA deferral pool. I don't know, I just have a feeling that will happen.</p>

<p>sucharita - I know someone who was deferred EA from Harvard last year and accepted RD to Stanford, so it definitely happens.</p>

<p>raven what school in AZ are you at? I went to BCP.</p>

<p> maybe there is hope</p>

<p>How about someone rejected by Yale and then accepted by Harvard? Is that close enough?</p>

<p>If you want to lift your spirits you can read about it here:</p>

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<p>bern--I go to Arcadia!</p>

<p>YUP THAT'S ME RIGHT HERE - Deferred then rejected by Yale, then accepted eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverywhere else I applied. I am currently thoroughly enjoying my freshman year at Harvard and couldn't be happier that Yale rejected me ... so don't worry about these deferrals, people. You just might end up happier someplace else.</p>

<p>An update to my initially depressing post:</p>

<p>So after that harsh Stanford rejection, I was pretty much accepted everywhere including Harvard, Yale, Amherst, Williams, Dartmouth, UPenn - Huntsman, Pomona, Claremont McKenna, Georgetown...</p>

<p>Stanford EA rejects.. have hope!! :)</p>

<p>Now it's down to H vs Y...</p>

<p>hey raven, why'd you decide against huntsman?</p>

<p>I LOVED the concept of Huntsman, but was not at all impressed by UPenn. Dumpy dorms, urban campus... I didn't like how large the school is (10,000 undergrads)... Also, Huntsman seemed about 95% Asian which was.. strange.</p>

<p>I eventually decided that you don't need an undergrad business degree to be sucessful in Business.. so the appeal of Huntsman wore off. After visiting, it wasn't a tough decision (though my hosts were awesome).</p>

<p>Raven: My son was rejected from Stanford RD but was accepted to some of the same schools you were accepted to. He has narrowed it down to Harvard, UC Berkeley, or Claremont McKenna. His comfort level with being far from home will factor into his decision. If Harvard were in Palo Alto, it would win hands down. Let us know which one you choose.</p>

<p>Thanks buzzwick. I'm kind of the opposite of your son.. the further from home, the better! ;)</p>

<p>raven, those are almost exactly the reasons that i'm fairly certain i'm going to choose harvard. maybe we met at huntsman day? pm me if you wanna talk. any leanings in harvard vs. yale?</p>