Do you know anyone who got into UCLA with less than a 3.9 UC GPA?

<p>my GPA is really low cause i took too much courses in sophomore year.</p>

<p>I know someone with a GPA of 3.6UW who got into UCLA. I don't know her UC GPA though. I just know she completed her IB diploma.</p>

<p>yes, i did</p>

<p>Yes. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>yup, I did....3.7</p>

<p>i'm sure there has been...i don't know of any though =/</p>

<p>supergirl, do you mind telling me if your 3.7 was weighted or unweighted?</p>

<p>I definitely did. 3.7 unweighted =], 4.3 weighted. Haha XD</p>

<p>does anyone have any idea why people with lower GPA's got accepted? Is it cause of GPA's, ec's, applications, etc...?</p>

<p>i know someone with a 3.0 who got into stanford
go figure</p>

<p>my cousin had a 3.4 gpa and got in last year</p>



<p>Well, having a lower GPA than average doesn't ruin your chances if you have other strengths to balance it out such as ECs, courseload, achievements, character, etc...</p>

<p>Someone might have a 4.6 with a blank application while you have a 3.7 with a list of leadership positions, outside awards, and a solid internship to talk about.</p>

<p>so since UCLA is starting holistic admissions, would something like winning awards in music competitions have more weight than before?</p>