Do you learn a lot about a person by how he responds to questions like "how are you?"

<p>or do you ask those questions when you actually care or when you're just trying to be polite? do you also notice it when you have to greet certain kinds of people first (the types who would otherwise wave or utter a small "hi" at you but who would otherwise kind of avoid attracting attention even if they see you and are friendly with you)</p>

<p>No, because most will respond with "good, yourself?"</p>

<p>I hate when people respond with "oh just hanging in there"</p>

<p>yes i do learn a lot. There are people who introduce themselves and make you comfortable talking to them. There are those who shake your hand while looking someplace else. Although you should not judge everytime, you can tell a bit about their personality just from that. I go by the saying, first impression is last impression.</p>

<p>absolutely not... the vast majority will respond "good" regardless of how they actually feel</p>

<p>it's just politeness, they don't really care how you're doing</p>

<p>if you were to tell them the truth, like 'i'm suicidal' then they'd be like 'okaaayy' and when you were gone they'd laugh about how weird you were to their friends</p>