Do you like engineering? Sprechen sie deutsch?

<p>Germany needs 36,000+ engineers asap! Or so they say...</p>

<p>Germany</a> suffering from chronic shortage of skilled engineers | Business |<a href="2008">/url</a>
[url=<a href="">]Alemania</a> busca 36.000 ingenieros · ELPAÍ<a href="Espa%C3%B1ol">/url</a>
[url=<a href="">]Warning</a> over German engineering skills shortages

Verein</a> Deutscher Ingenieure<a href="Deutsch">/url</a>
[url=<a href="">]Skilled</a> migrants urgently needed, says minister - The Local

<p>That's a lot of engineers. Maybe more engineers should learn German. :P</p>

<p>Edit: Although, I don't think job prospects for engineers are that sparse in the US, anyway...</p>

<p>Ich spreche ein bischen Deutsch und ich mag "engineering", aber ich möchte die USA leben.</p>

<p>Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut.. D:</p>

<p>Apparently though being an engineering Germany gets you the title 'Engineer' just as a doctor would get the title 'Doctor' (obvicado). So you're much more respected as an important person in society over there.</p>

<p>That's because Germany has a strong engineering tradition, especially in mechanical engineering. For example, the first gas-powered car was invented by Karl Benz.</p>

<p>i want to learn german :(</p>

<p>such a pretty language...</p>

<p>YES! I want to live over there SSOOOOO bad. This may be my ticket to Europe after undergrad/grad school. Time to start taking german classes :)</p>

<p>36,000 engineers is a big number. Maybe they should do more to attract them.</p>

<p>That was over 2 years ago.... I wonder if it's still the case now.</p>

<p>Also hear that you pay a mandatory tithe to the church in Germany.. not to bring an anti-theist attitude to the thread of course..</p>

<p>wow hadsed, I learn something new everyday. I didn't believe u so I did a quick google and:</p>

<p>In Germany churches register with the gov't and get support from them through the personal income tax. So your personal income tax goes to support the churches as well.</p>

<p>"...But you are not required to pay the tax unless you wish to be officially affiliated with one of Germany's established churches; usually Catholic or Protestant (Evangelisch)."</p>

<p>How</a> To Germany - Paying Taxes in Germany</p>

<p>From what I remember, I think it may affect you if your employer is associated with a church as well.. though I can't be bothered to do any research on it.</p>

<p>Of course I was just trying to be subtly controversial.</p>

<p>the "church tax" is common in germanic can almost always opt-out, unless you are a member of that church</p>

<p>Well, don´t get too excited about those numbers. They are heavily influenced by industry lobbyists. They cry for more engineers all the time, because they want them as cheap as possible. You´ll find articles about missing engineers here every week from organizations like the VDI.
Their intention is to lure as many young people into these disciplines as possible that way. Yet, it is embarrassing how bad the payment can be. There is a strong trend for graduates to be forced to work for temp agencies for often as little as 32000€ per year. Which is a cruel joke if you compare the difficulty of that area of studies compared to most other disciplines. (The average graduate will start around 38000€, and only half of that will end in your checking account.)</p>

<p>Many qualified engineers are leaving germany every year because of this. There´s so many other professions that make equal or better money while not being half as useful to society, it´s rather embarrassing.
Life isn´t too bad in germany, but there are too many freeloaders and our politicians are intellectual lightweights without propriety. So, the future doesn´t look too bright.</p>

<p>FYI-URI offers a 5-year dual degree program in a language and an engineering (or cs) discipline where you study abroad and intern aboard:</p>

<p>International</a> Engineering Program - University of Rhode Island</p>

i want to learn german </p>

<p>such a pretty language...


<p>German and Dutch both sound like speaker is actively trying to clear the words from their throat.</p>

<p>Yeah German is NOT pretty at all. Lots of spitting it seems. You want pretty? go speak italian, spanish, french, etc. The romantics are named romantics for a reason</p>

<p>They are called Romance Languages because they are derived from Latin, the language Romans spoke. Anyone who speaks English, will find it easy to learn German, since both languages are considered Germanic Languages. Btw, English is a hybrid language, mostly composed by German and French.</p>

<p>For Spanish and English speakers, adding French and German is very easy.</p>

<p>I speak English, Spanish, some Portuguese, and some German.</p>

<p>In my opinion German sounds the best. </p>

<p>I didn't think it was easy to learn...</p>