Do you look like your dad, mom, or neither?

<p>please also share your experience as an adopted child if you are one.</p>

<p>im biracial so I look like neither. but I have my mom's legs and my dad's nose.</p>

<p>I look like my dad unfortunately. And I have my mom's hair and irrationality -- also unfortunately.</p>

<p>a fair mix of both, odd how that works out.</p>

<p>i look like neither of my parents, nor do i look like any aunt, uncle, grandparent, great grandparent... my youngest brother looks a lot like me, especially when he was younger, but we are strangers to our family, everybody else looks the same.</p>

<p>I really look like neither of my parents. If anything at all, more like my mom but you wouldnt be able to tell if you didnt know I was her son. My brother looks very similar to my dad's dad and my dad's uncle though.</p>

<p>I look more like my mom and act more like my dad.</p>

<p>I look a lot like my Mom. I think I have a little of my Dad in me, though, like my hair and the shape of my head.</p>

<p>I look more like my dad, but the most like my cousin on his side of the family</p>