Do you need math in marketing/advertising?

<p>I'd like to study either marketing or advertising, but I don't like math at all. Do I have to take math / statistics courses?</p>

<p>If your marketing program is housed within the school of business, there will probably be some general business requirements that you take along with your specific marketing courses.</p>

<p>For example, you will probably need to take economics, maybe an intro to finance or managment.</p>

<p>With regard to general math, most colleges will probably want their business majors to have 1-2 semesters of college level math and statistics could be part of that or in addition to the math courses.</p>

<p>Review your college choices carefully, but I think you will find some math required for marketing majors. However, if your college offers placement tests upon admission, maybe you can place out of math requirements!</p>

<p>Advertising has little/no math and can usually be taken in a non-business environment (for instance, it is part of the school of communications at my school). Marketing, however, has a lot of math and will require you to be comfortable with statistics. In addition to advertising, marketing includes topics such as market forecasting, market research and product pricing, all of which involve math (not very advanced math, however).</p>