Do you need to take ACT with Writing?

<p>Just asking...</p>

<p>I registered for the ACT Standard....</p>

<p>Whether you need to take the test depends on the colleges you are interested in. Some require it. Check with them or on the college list on the act web site.</p>

<p>The more common colleges/universities tend to not require it. It's when you're trying to get into a very prestigious school that it will most likely be required.</p>

<p>You really should take the ACT with writing. If you apply to a school that requires the Writing component and you don't have it on your ACT score, your score is meaningless to them. Cancel that registration and sign up for the writing component!</p>

<p>nilk, I disagree with your comment. My public state school requires the writing section, and I wouldn't call it "very prestigious." Many universities are requiring the writing for informational purposes, which may later be counted in the admissions process. OP, do yourself a favor and add on the writing plus to your standard (you don't have to cancel it, I don't think, just give them the money they need). You'll be relieved when you start applying to colleges and realize they want it.</p>