Do you recommend the University of Maine?

I’m curious as to what it’s like living there, the social life, etc. I’ve been accepted, however I’m an OOS Student. Thanks!

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you have a preference for a more urban environment or a warmer climate, I would absolutely NOT recommend the school. The university is a great deal with amazing opportunities for those who like (or at least don’t mind) cold, small college towns. The campus itself is absolutely gorgeous and located in a safe area.

Social life is typical of a state university. Lots of partying, lots of average students (and a few on both ends of the spectrum, though those on the lower end tend to fail out after freshman year). If you want to challenge yourself academically, the Honors College provides a great opportunity to hang out with other smart and/or nerdy types and do research with the professors.

Students are friendly and down to earth. The campus is slowly becoming more diverse, with an increasingly significant international student population.

It’s easy to graduate early, transfer in other credits, double major, etc. They have some of the most flexible administrators and curriculums around. Their online classes are excellent (and the LMS platform is really well-utilized), as are their in-person classes.

It’s not too hard to get good grades if you’re a strong student and have good study habits. Unlike the average state school, professors there will go out of their way to help you, write recommendations, provide job references, etc. (This is really valuable once you’re looking for an internship/your first job or if you’re applying to graduate school.) In that sense, they’re more like a LAC – there is a lot of personalized attention.