Do you still keep in touch with your HS friends?

<p>College people -- do you still talk to people from your high school? How often? Do they have to be your best friend or live nearby for you to keep in touch with them?</p>

<p>I still do. I talk to them usually through facebook and i just pop up and say random crap that doesn't make sense. if you knew them well enough in high school, then you prob kept in touch... most people have friends but few 'best friends' so you don't have to be best friends.. uhm.</p>

<p>I still keep in touch with my friends from high school, but we're not as close as we used to. We all are in different situations and new friends. I'm sure we'll stay in touch and stay friends, but not the same as in high school. I'll see them at Christmas time.</p>

<p>The only friend I've been talking to regularly is one of my best friends from HS. I have a 15 minute break between classes on Tuesday and Thursday, while she is waiting for her first one, so we always call each other then. And then I talk a little with one of my other best friends on facebook.</p>

<p>Most of my friends from HS I'm not as close with. I do have a couple though that I'd actually say I'm closer with now. One is a friend I've had since I was three and I just can't imagine that we'll ever not be friends. The other was the guy who was my best friend in HS and the person from my HS that I've spent the most time visiting or having him visit since we've gone off to college, graduated and each started grad school. He's coming to visit in two weeks as a matter of fact.d</p>

<p>That said, Facebook didn't come about until my senior year, and there are still a lot of non-joiners from my friends from HS. Facebook though has also allowed me to re-connect and keep up with a lot of people that I most likely would have never seen until my tenth HS reunion (my school doesn't do 5 year reunions). It's been nice to see who's getting engaged, married, or even start having kids. It's not like I'm sending them messages or writing on their walls very often, if ever, but I think that things might have been a little different if facebook had been around when I was a freshman. My friends would have stayed in better contact, and I likely wouldn't have "friended" people outside of my group of friends (sometimes you have to let the pettiness of HS fade).</p>

<p>Nope. I held onto 1 friend from high school but with each year we grew further and further apart as I inched closer to a real job and a BA and a life and she became more and more content with being a waitress for the rest of her life. Finally got out of that situation this year because it was significantly holding me back. Granted, she was also increasingly psychotic and promiscuous and annoying, but those were secondary to the fact that I just couldn't even talk to her because we were on two completely different plains. </p>

<p>Sometimes people you had things in common with 5 years ago end up being people you can't even have a conversation with. It's weird. </p>

<p>Everyone else just kinda went in their own directions. I still occasionally talk to people online but the girl I mentioned above was the only one I saw on a regular basis.</p>

<p>Denzera's First Theory of High School: no matter how many friends you may have in high school, once you go to college you'll realize that no more than 5% of the people in your HS class were worth knowing.</p>

<p>In my case, my class size was about 450 and I wish I'd kept in touch with about a dozen of them. I'm still close friends with 3. One of them, I drove cross-country with this summer.</p>

<p>It's hard to stay in touch with people who you're not physically close to. When everyone moves away, only the strongest relationships keep going.</p>

<p>well, if u want someone to hang out with during the breaks back home, you might want to! lol.unless u're going to a college near home, it might not matter anyway...u hang out with ur college friends.</p>

<p>I agree with Denzera's theory. </p>

<p>There are generally only a handful of people you genuinely WANT to keep in touch with after high school. In the first few weeks after graduation, I found that it's pretty much generally clear who you'll see again and who you won't. </p>

<p>With that said, it's very easy to keep in touch with all of the people you really want to keep in touch with. It's a lot easier than it was a few decades go, in our parents' days. Between instant messaging, Facebook, and cell phones with free nights and weekends, there's really no excuse to have no communication with someone, should you want it.</p>

<p>keeping in touch with like 10 pepole... it might mean dropping a note every week or IMing every night but its contact whatever it is</p>

<p>Lol the people ill prob be closest too over breaks is HS poker buddies- (most of us only started hangin last 6 months of HS rofl). We played holdem throughout summer cause we all have gambling probs and at our 'sendoff game' people started about playing over Turkey day break. lmao...</p>

<p>Ah but you just graduated yo. We'll see how many are left by this time next year.</p>

<p>graduated HS in 04- friend i've seen in the last year? two. and slowly becoming zero, just because of our lives moving in different directions. facebook helps cut absolute contact though.</p>

<p>I use to have the mindset that I must keep in touch with everyone from high school because it is sad to think that I would never see them again.</p>

<p>Close friends will keep in contact, but eventually you will find that the college students you meet are much more interesting.</p>

<p>true allie but i'd wager at 2/3</p>

<p>I still talk to my friends from high school, all my real friends at least. Maybe I don't talk to them everyday (we're guys), but definitely when were all home we hang out still. Those are my boys, we grew up together in some way or another. We'll go bowling, play ball, hit the beach, hit the bar, even if we don't see each other for the majority of 9 months or so it's all good. It helps that I go to school close to home and most of my friends didn't go too far for school either (though one of my best friends from HS goes to MIT).</p>

<p>I wouldn't neccessarily say your college friends are more interesting, but they are on a very similar path to your own and a lot of times you're living so close together.</p>

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