Do you think class schedules should be in military time?

I personally think it would be awesome if college class schedules were in military time. I love military time. I personally just find it easier, and it just makes more sense to me. I even set my phone and watch to military time.

Some do use military time. For example:

Time is time, whether it is 1:00 pm or 13:00. Some schools do use it. If you are so entranced, maybe you should consider a military academy. :slight_smile: One thing I don’t like is that it is confusing on many college scheduled to tell Tuesdays from Thursdays. For brevity, they often use “T” for Tuesday, and “R” for Thursday. The number of college freshman who have been thrown off by this, and missed or tried to attend on the wrong day is quite large. It is demoralizing your first week of college to have this happen – colleges should use “Tues” and “Thur” instead.

Some use Tu for Tuesday and Th for Thursday.

Yes, but some still use T & R.

Well, I think most Americans prefer am and pm. When I was in Beirut last month, I kept having to translate military time to “regular” time and it was confusing.

I hate military time!

McGill uses “military time” in all its schedules.

Most of the world uses a 24-hour clock. It’s only called “military time” here. It’s simple and avoids any confusion. Just like the metric system, college students should learn things outside their bubble.

We should be on the metric system too.

Right. But most of the kids who attend college here are from here.

I can’t see a whole lot of kids being confused by the times their classes meet-- “9 am” is pretty universally understood to mean 9 in the morning.

With all the things that colleges could consider changing, this one would never even make my radar. And there are so many things I would want college kids to learn-- plenty of “outside their bubble” things on the list before this one.

I see your point. But it’s not something I ever see happening.

Switching to the metric system comes WAY before switching time designations!!

I’m an engineer and SO tired of adding up dimensions all day like 3’-5 1/16" + 8’-8 7/8". It’s ridiculous.

Canada switched to the metric system starting in 1974. It was a multi year process. The US was going to watch the conversion, learn from any mistakes, and then begin the conversion here. Well, that never happened.

^Yeah, I remember learning metric in high school and they promised that we would be using it as adults. Sigh.

Yet for some odd reason the soda industry went metric: 2 liter bottle of Coke etc.

I think that was a matter of cost-- they could charge for a 2 liter what they used to charge for 2 quarts, and no one was the wiser.

Actually the liter size sodas have been around since the 1970’s and began as a result of PepsiCo predicting (wrongly) that metric was the wave of the US future and made the change it its line. Other brands joined around the time of the Metric Conversion Act of 1975, figuring that was the future. Ooops.

Wine and liquor are also packaged in metric containers, but beer, for some reason, is still in ounces.

Also note, the original question is incredibly American-centric (well, Canada says military time as well). The rest of us call it 24-hour time. :slight_smile: And 24-hour time is really what the OP is asking since military time, by definition, does not use a colon.

“Switching to the metric system comes WAY before switching time designations!!”


When was the last time a politician mentioned metric conversion? They have a lot of other fish to fry.

Yes, seems they are just inching along (and we’d lose that expression…)