Do you think colleges will keep standardized tests optional for class of 2023

this is pretty self explanatory but i was wondering if you guys thought due to covid if it was important to still take the sat for the class of 2023? that we’d still have the option to not send it in

I think those are two different questions.

Whether TO is a thing probably won’t be known for a while. So I certainly encourage students to prepare for and take exams as they would have pre-pandemic, where possible, with an expected return to that environment.

If TO is still an option, you can choose not to send a score that you have.

If TO is not an option, you can’t choose to go back in time and get a score.

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Some schools have already declared if they are test optional for the incoming class of 2023. I was on a presentation with Alfred U the other day and they are one. I found a list online, if you google “which schools are test optional for 2023”, you should find it. After all, you Juniors will be taking those tests this school year for the most part, so the decision should be made soon or available to find out by contacting admissions at the schools you are interested in.