do you think colleges will understand?

<p>so right now I have a D+ in honors pre-calculus... I tried switching down a level, but my guidance counselor told me most of the kids taking honors pre calc already dropped out so there's no space left. (so i'm not the only one that thinks it's hard)
what should i do? she said she'd explain in her recommendation how hard the class was for me even though i went for extra help everytime before tests, but will that even effect it at all?</p>

<p>of course it will affect you. badly. precal is so freaking easy.</p>

<p>unfortunately it could affect you negatively- however, if you and your counselor both explain the situation and that you tried to remedy it but couldn't, they should be understanding. are you a junior or a senior? if you're a junior and you're struggling that much it might make sense to drop this year and take precalc next year (i wouldn't usually recommend something like this but a D seems pretty drastic and if you can't get out of it any other way...). anyway, i would suggest continuing to look into alternatives (if you can't pull your grade up, maybe drop this and retake algebra ii at a nearby college? no idea how fathomable any of these ideas are, kinda just throwing them all out there...) but if nothing works out, make sure the colleges know you tried everything you could and hopefully it won't be that big of a deal as long as your other grades are awesome.</p>