do you think i can get in here? Ive wanted to go since i was 5

<p>I am a junior in HS, i am expected to get around a 1250 for my SAT's and am planning on taking the ACT's (28-30). I have a 3.8 GPA 2nd decile in a VERY competative high school in Clarkstown New York (first decile starts at 4.1 and goes to 4.7....HOW SICK IS THAT!?!?!) ok well...ive taken a pretty tough courseload through HS...heres what im working with</p>

<p>8th grade (high school classes)</p>

<p>English 9h
Math 1h

Bio H, Math II H, Principles of Engineering, English 10, CAD, Spanish II, Global History H</p>

<p>*CAD-computer aided design, engineering course</p>

Chemistry, Math III, English 11, Spanish III, CAD II, Global History H (2nd part), Critical Health Issue (Honors Health course)</p>

AP Physics, Spanish 200-201 H, Math 12 (Pre Calc), AP American History, College Business Law H, Social Physc, Public Speaking, Journalism (English electives because i finished a year early)</p>

<p>Senior (courses im taking)
AP Micro economics, AP Macro, Calc Honors, AP Stats, AP Bio, AP art history, AP Lit, Public Policy H (required for graduation)</p>

<p>I also do alot of extracurricular stuff including:</p>

<p>Ambulance Corps (over 1500 hours of community service) achieved NYS certification through a 4 month course) I have been Secretary of the youth corps there, 1st Liutenant, and now captain. </p>

<p>started a youth chapter of the American Red Cross...first ever in my county we organize blood drives and do courses for the little ones (more community service in addition to the 1500)</p>

<p>JSA for 2 years, president and vice president of Engineering Club for 2 years, President of Red Cross for 2 years, National Honor Society for a year, science achievement award, Social Studies achievement award (3 years), Math National Honor society (Mu Alpha Theta), Spanish Honor Society. Citizenship Award, Whos Who Among American HS students (3 years). I also played hockey for 2 years in HS</p>

<p>For an out-of-stater, UNC is a reach. When I went to an info session, the adcom said that for out-of-state 1300s is when they "get serious." So you better start studying hard for the SATs. I also think you should be 1st decile, no matter how competitive your school is. Your ECs look great. The problem is that by NC law, Carolina can take no more than 18% out-of-state, so out-of-state competition is Ivy level. Work hard, you have time, and you'll have a chance.</p>

<p>your courseload is very nice, but two things i notice...</p>

<p>first, don't include 8th grade on college apps</p>

<p>and second, w/ so much math and engineering courses, why are you going to unc? i'm assuming you want to go into engineering.</p>

<p>its on my transcript because they were HS classes i had to take cause there was nothing in middle school for me, so they go on my transcript...but i want to major in medical</p>

<p>well for med unc is good... but i still think you're lying about 8th grade classes going on your transcript, regardless of how ahead you think you were.</p>

<p>na they arent 8th grade classes...they r part of your HS courses. if u dont take them in 8th, u will take them in 9th. They just show up as extra courses for me because i was ahead...its like a section on my transcript in addition to 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th</p>

<p>OK i took Algebra I in the 8th grade and it showed up on my HS transcript only because they needed to prove that i had taken it in order to place me in higher classes. UNC doesn't give a crap about what you made in the 8th grade, but they will look at where you stand in the 9th grade because of the classes that you took in the 8th grade.</p>

<p>So in UNC won't even care about the 8th grade grades on there.</p>

<p>i took alg I in 7th grade, geometry in 8th... but they are not on my transcript, it's an implied completion.</p>

<p>idk its on mine</p>

<p>You need to bump up the SAT or ACT as mentioned before. Also, this sucks to hear but for out of staters transferring is much easier. So remember if you don't get in the first time don't give up on the Tar Heel dream.</p>