Do you think I can get into UIUC College of ACES?

My grades throughout high school have been pretty good. I had straight A’s all freshman year and took 3 honors classes while the rest of my 4 were regulars. Sophomore year I took 6 honors and 1 AP. I got one B in one of my honors classes first semester and had a B in my AP class for both semesters. I am currently an IB junior taking 6 IB classes and 1 honors class with straight A’s. I am on my school’s tennis team, National Honors Society, and a few other clubs. I’ve volunteered at several places involving my community and have already had a job over the last summer. I am ranked 43 out of approximately 700 students. However, I scored a 1090 on the new SAT out of 1600. I am a really bad test taker and now I am doubting my chances of getting into my dream school. Do you think I can still get in?

@jtaraq21 More info? Are you instate? You might want to retake the sat

Yes I am in state. What concerns me is not improving enough on the SAT and I don’t know what to do other than study (which I have by the way and that still didn’t really do anything)

My current GPA is a 5.8
Sophomore was a 4.6
Freshman year was a 4.4

@jtaraq21 Your sat score is gonna hurt you. What caused you to get a low score?

I think it was because I stressed too much, I also didn’t focus enough on the questions and started to really overthink what the question was asking (specifically in math). And because the readings are made to be completely uninteresting, I couldn’t focus on them. Also timing, I didn’t pace myself and I focused too much on one question which caused me to start running out of time and rush through.

I got a 570 in reading and a 520 in math :((

Just PRACTICE for math. Use Barron’s. Time yourself. For reading, try to skim over the entire passage first. Once you get a basic idea, just go to questions.