Do you think I could get in>>?

Freshman year: All IB courses and requirements, Art I
Sophmore year: Combination of IB courses and Honors, Photography I
Junior year: Service Learning, Hospitality leadership/management block course, Art II, IB english-B, AP Environmental Science-B. FCCLA Club, Service Learning Club
Senior year: Hospitality Internship, Service Learning II, Economics Honors (Honors Gov. next semester), Art 4 AP, English 101, FCCLA Club(Vice President-Hospitality division)

regular required math all four years. weighted GPA of approximately 3.5-3.8
I have gotten one C every year. Few art awards.

SAT: 1160, although I am retaking in December (possibly Nov.) and am confident that I will be in the 1200s.

My question is: Do I have a chance at Colorado College, Pepperdine, Lewis & Clark College, U. Col.-Boulder, University of Denver, Willamette?

Thank you, and if you have any suggestions for schools to consider, let me know.

<p>I think your a match for Pepperdine based on your test scores and stuff like that, however the problem with pepperdine is that they accept less than 30 percent of applicants each year. That's less than USC, and USC is considered better and tougher to get into . But if Pepperdine accepted like 50 percent than it would be a true match</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. Any more suggestions? Thanks.</p>