Do you think I have a chance at admission?

<p>Do I have a chance? Here are my qualifications:</p>

<p>Captain of Festival Relay for Life Team that raised $1,580.00 for the American Cancer Society.
Moderator of one of the world's largest forums:, home of over 200,000 members and the world's largest marketplace and personal support.
Owner and founder of e-store Index of /, where online merchandise for MMORPGS were sold.
Historian of one of the school's largest clubs, Key Club, 2011-2012
Member of the Executive Committee of Beta Club, helping with executive branch of the club of 60 members.
Vice President of Beta Club increasing membership from 60 members to 150.
Vice President of FBLA Club
President of Key Club with over 300 members, 100% membership increase during term
President and founder of American Red Cross club with over 100 members
President of Beta Club, increasing membership from 150 members to 200
Member of school's table tennis club/team</p>

<p>Placed first in FBLA region 8 for Emerging Business Division of FBLA
Placed first in FBLA region 8 for business plan
Ranked Top 8 in Florida for Emerging Business Division of FBLA
Ranked Top 5 in Florida for business plan
Published author of Orb
Placed fourth in local Public Forums Debate competition</p>

<p>Waiter at Ryuu Japanese Steak House
Head waiter at Crazy Buffett</p>

<p>Superior at American Music Association's Music Festival for piano from '08-'13
Member of the National Forensics League</p>

<p>Volunteered at
Mosi, Moffit Cancer Center, Metropolitan ministries (logged over 100 hours), American Red Cross Tampa Bay, tutored underpriveleged kids</p>

<p>4.0 unweighted, 5.32 weighted (sophomore GPA, should be around 7-8 around senior year)
SAT score 2270</p>

<p>Also I'm in the IB program taking HL Chemistry, History, and Psychology. I take AP classes in school and on online school while also dual enrolling. </p>

<p>My GPA is in the top 10 in the county.</p>

<p>Why don't you put this in the chance thread instead of spamming each individual school with it? You'd make lufe better for others AND get more accurate answers haha.</p>

<p>Can you link me to the chance thread? I'm new -_-</p>

<p>I'm using my ipod but I can try... I'm not sure it'll work haha.</p>

<p>Go to: "Forums"--> "College admissions and search"--> "What are my chances?" Either make your own thread there or tack your post onto another, I suppose.</p>