do you think i have a chance?

<p>I am applying for a REGULAR DAY Quaker School in Pennsylvania, (it's near Philadelphia). I have good recommendations, good/great grades. I got asked to join the National Society of High School Scholars, i'm also in my schools scholars program. I participate in extra-curricular activities. I tested out of one of my classes into an AP class for that subject for next year (10th grade). The only problem was that in December 09' I bombed the ssat test. I got a little under than what a 9th grade girl is suppose to receive. My fam doesn't have money like that to be taking the ssat over again. Do you think I have a chance in getting in this day school for 10th grade (Fall 2010)? (im finishing the process in the summer)</p>

<p>What school is it? I am really familiar with the local schools if u want to pm me :)</p>