do you think i have a shot

<p>3.5 unweighted GPA
At the end of senior year, I will have taken 3 AP's, 12 honors courses (only have taken 4 in my highschool career thats not honors, three of which did not have an honors option)
32 ACT (taking again)
2100 SAT (taking again)
^^both of these were first time scores^^
havent taken my AP tests yet (im a junior)
havent taken my SAT 2's yet (im a junior)
been on lacrosse team every year, varsity for two of them
ultimate frisbee team/club (its sorta both ) all 4 years, captain for two
editor of the school's satirical newspaper since freshman year
70 hours of community service
published author (short story in a magazine)
studied at u iowa writer program for this coming summer (the most prestigious writing program in the country)
participating in an independent study for creative writing this semester
participating in senior FOCUS, which is a year-long course in which you intensely research a topic and present a project at the end of the year (VERY highly regarded in my school/to colleges)</p>

<p>with all of these, do you think i will have a reasonable shot at getting in if i apply ED????</p>

<p>I would say that your GPA is a little low, but mine was too and I got in ED. The rest of your application is very solid so if you apply ED I'd say youve got a pretty good shot.</p>