do you think i will be accpeted to CLA with this poor stats

<p>high school gpa is 2.5
ACT took it once and got a 19</p>

<p>I took these classes at a community college</p>

Calc recieved B
Environmental Biology recieved A
World Civilization recieved A
Freshmen Composition - withdrew.</p>

I regesterd for
General Bio
General Chem
General Psychology
And Ethics</p>

<p>Probably not. I'd say you have a 20% chance with those stats;</p>

<p>I think some people can get into the U of M with a 2.5, but that 19 is going to kill you.</p>

<p>Sorry buddy, but I don't think so. But still apply, because you never know!</p>

<p>Which cycle are you applying? If you're applying this upcoming year I think you're best bet would be to study and retake the ACT. Depending on how that goes apply in August or whenever the application is available. I would also submit a letter of interest if it's your number 1 choice and some very strong recommendation letters. If things don't go your way don't let get to you. Just go to another school or community college and do really well. If you keep your GPA up you should have no problem transfering! Just make sure to work really hard and keep the GPA as high as possible. With hard work the sky is the limit.</p>