Do you think I will enjoy UCI?

<p>Do you think I will enjoy UCI? I am Caucasian and live in a decent suburb in East San Francisco Bay Area. I have heard UCI has hot Asian girls (okay with me) , but what about the girls from other races? Also, why do people complain UCI is so boring if it is so close to the nice beach and a short road trip to LA and SD?</p>


<p>i think it's because of the lack of transportation.
that's my guess.</p>

<p>so i'm wondering if a car is necessary because my parents said i shouldn't need one (at least for my first year).</p>

<p>and to anyone that knows...
are the buses a good way to get around?</p>

<p>^ OC Bus system is kinda complicated to figure out</p>

<p>it will usually take u less than 15 mins to get to newport by car</p>

<p>but with Buses, to get to Newport , with all the stops and such... it'll take u like an hour if youre lucky</p>

<p>ummmm, shuttle service is cool too</p>

<p>uhhhh....welll.....I think u will!</p>

<p>get a car and it'll be even better, but F the parking is expensive!</p>

<p>While plenty of people get by without a car, having one is definitely nice at UC Irvine as opposed to other schools. The beach is close, but its not a ten minute walk away. There are a lot of things to do Orange County but Orange County is spread out.
Personally, I have a car and have never used the buses. I have some friends that solely get around by bus and manage just fine and I have other friends that plan on bringing a car as soon as their parents allow so they can stop bumming rides off people like me =D.
The main reason I had a car was because I worked at Disneyland for the last 2 quarters.</p>

<p>yea i totally wanna work at disneyland haha</p>

<p>yeah UCI is pretty d*** good. it's quiet cuz everyone commutes home/somewhere else on the weekends.</p>

<p>you might laugh at my job, but how many people can say they drove a submarine at work?</p>

<p>i wonder the same question.
i hear that freshman aren't allowed cars. is this true?</p>

<p>^ No, I know plenty of freshies who have their car parked in their respective dorm car parks.</p>

<p>I think, however..... that the parking fees are expensive so people are turned down of parking</p>