Do you think I will get in

I’m looking to transfer from saddle back college into one of the following schools.
Cal Poly SLO
Cal Poly Pomona
U of A

My gpa is a 3.42 (but i have two C’s in calculus 1 and 3) and I’m majoring in mech. engineering
I’m also the chair of activities and competition in the engineering club and I’ve done volunteer work for my church along
I know SLO and UCSD are a reach but are Cal poly pomona and SDSU reaches as well?

You look solid for CPP and SDSU, however, SDSU is a tough admit if you are not attending a local (San Diego CCC). SLO also favors local applicants. Are there any other UC’s besides UCSD, you would be interested in applying?

This link will give you GPA ranges for admitted applicants by major at each UC. What about UCI or UCD? Did you TAG to any of the UC’s?