Do you think it's worth it?

<p>i don't know about everyone else, but i go to a school where 90% are really dumb people, and 10% of the people are actually pretty hard core about school.</p>

<p>anyways, the point is, most of my friends come from the 90%, and it's just kind of discouraging to know that they're satisfied with a school that you're not. sometimes it feels like everything that you're doing to keep yourself at that top 2% is worthless. </p>

<p>the question of this thread is pretty retarded -- of course is WORTH it, but by how much? and if you really do put your effort into it, is there a real good percentage that you will succeed?</p>

<p>random question of the day that's been bugging me.. if anyone's got an answer, reply please. thanks.</p>

<p>Well, i think you have to put forth effort into school AND everything else to succeed; effort must be continual</p>

<p>As to whether how much: that's really a personal question ; i think it's worth a lot; i'd rather try than to have regret later, wouldn't you?</p>

<p>Of course it is worth it in my viewpoint. Of course, most of my friends are in the top 5% to 10%. But it all depends on what you want. Is it important in your life to succeed and be on top or do you not mind just being average(I dont mean that in a bad way) ?</p>

<p>i have friends from all across the board, and some of these so called "dumb" people are a heck lot smarter than #1 in the class, or most other people in the school for that matter. There is nothing wrong with not caring as much as other people in some issues, that's life. You just have to have a mix of friends so that 90% you talk about doesn't drag you down.</p>

<p>what do you want to major in? Where do you want to major in it? how much do you want it?
Honestly high school is 80% voluntary purgatory. as i'm sure you know, there are hoops to be jumped through that you can't just ignore if you plan on following those dreams. If you care enough, it's worth it but if you don't, it's not.</p>

<p>Nah. Not worth it. Seriously. I mean, most of what high school and college admissions asks of you has no real significance in your life. Just figure out what you have to do to be happy. If getting into a good college is it, then go for it. If it isn't, well, why bother? There's more to life than college...</p>