Do you think these credits will transfer?

<p>So I'll be attending Tel Aviv University in Israel, and after doing some research these are the courses I thought would transfer to schools like Binghamton or Baruch. Any thoughts?</p>

Introduction to British Culture (literature)
Science and Philosophy
Introduction to Israeli Art
Creative Writing
The Israeli Economy</p>

<p>2ND SEMESTER (need to remove a class)
Introduction to Rhetorical Theory
Academic Writing
Philosophy and the Arts
Israel and the Middle East
Acting Workshop
Foreign Policy of the U.S. 1945-1990 ME</p>

<p>Didnt think there'd be enough space for the course descriptions so I didnt list them.</p>

<p>What're the grades?</p>

<p>the grade? sorry I dont understand.</p>

<p>Those are potential courses for my first year of college. I have not begun taking them yet.</p>