Do you think this would be worth putting on the EC's section?

<p>Hi, I used to write news and reviews for a decently well known Apple App Store website, It wasn't an official job but I did get paid some. Would you say this is worth putting on? Or no....</p>

<p>Well, it shows you have writing skills, so I would mention it.</p>

<p>Perhaps even attaching an example of an article you wrote, if schools allow that.</p>

<p>For example: Vassar. You can submit anything you want that reflects your abilities.</p>

<p>^Agree with miss_murd3r that you should mention it, along with an explanation or, as she/he suggested, a sample of your writing.</p>

<p>Alright thanks, the admin of the site really loved my work but I had to stop because of time constraints.</p>

<p>Ok, and this would go under journalism/publications, right?</p>

<p>xrCalico23; I'm a female. Lol
NuclearPenguins; Yeah, you can put it under there...I'd rather you put it under ECs. Journalism/Publications makes it sound like you published an article in a renowed Journal or that you published a book. Haha. I wouldn't think it makes a difference...choose whichever one.</p>

<p>Ok I guess that makes sense because it's not in print or anything.</p>