Do you use a satin pillow case?

I keep reading that sleeping on a satin pillow case is good for one’s hair - that there is less breakage.

Does it make a big difference?

My mother was a believer in those when she was alive and I also had one hair stylist who advocated for satin pillow cases. I never got one, but we have these Sheex sheets and cases that are almost as slippery as satin. I do think my hair seems smoother when I wake up than when I am on cotton.


I have them, but don’t know that I notice a difference.

I don’t like the cold, slick feeling of satin against my face…I’ll choose cotton or linen every time. Maybe cotton sateen is OK in summer.


No, I don’t know if I would like the feel on my cheek or not. Would like to try for my hair, I’ve heard so many positives about that.

Not sure about satin, but I heard silk pillowcases were better for the skin than cotton or some such thing. I got a couple sets for D and W years ago and they love them.

I got satin pillowcases recently. I ordered them because they said they were cooling. I love them I am not continually switching out pillows in the middle of the night as I used to do

I have a LilySilk pillowcase from Amazon and like it very much. I’m too lazy to hand wash and hardly ever wash a load in cold water so I toss it in a mesh bag with a normal warm load and hang to dry. It’s over 4 years old and is good as new.

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I do not but my mother always did- claimed it was good for hair and skin.

I use a silk pillowcase and I never have lines in my face after a deep sleep. Hopefully I’m not the only one that’s happened to. I tried satin but it runs hot so I only use silk.

My daughter uses a satin pillowcase and swears by it for her super curly hair.

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My D uses mulberry silk pillowcases which are supposed to be good for both hair and skin.

I use silk pillow cases and got them because my hair is thinning.
I really can’t tell if they are helpful though.

Yes for curly hair makes a difference. Don’t know about other hair types though.

I was also confuse between satin vs silk pillowcase because i also dont have any idea which one is better between these two, I am very confuse about that which one to pick between these.

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