Do you use physical flashcards or online ones to study?

I plan to take the GRE this summer and I’m wondering about the best ways I can study for it. I prefer to use online tools instead of physical papers. I recently found a template that I use to create online flashcards.

It made me wonder how many people use physical ones versus online ones to study for.I like using online flashcards because I can type way faster than I can write, so making them is wayyy faster. I am wondering if other people have used them as well.I thought I would share it here in case anyonw else is interested.

What are other good study techniques for the gre that people have used to get good scores? I’m an okay test taker but I’m really trying to get a good score.

I appreciate any tips and advice :slight_smile:

Studies have shown that the act of writing notes seems to create better retention than typing. (Sorry, I don’t have a link.) I would guess it’s because it’s a different “process” - using your hands, tactile - that might make a difference. You may also remember things about the cards became they are less standard. (I.e., writing crammed, put a picture on one, etc) For vocabulary, you can also add sentence that are memorable to you – although you could do this in any medium if you are the creator of the cards.

But this is ultimately a ymmv issue.

Adding thst there’s no reason not to do both. They can be used at different times and can reinforce each other.

My kids have always used physical flashcards, although they used flashcards online, seeing their own written notes, in their own handwriting, had better recall for them, as well as being able to have friends, hold the cards and test them anywhere.

It really is what works best for you. My D liked to write out flashcards while my S preferred online.

For the GRE I would do some practice tests.