Do you use Wikipedia to find out about a school?

<p>I'm just curious to know if any one looks at a schools wikipedia page to see if they want to look into more or not.</p>

<p>Wikipedia: A little
This site: A little
School site: A lot
Interview: A lot
Books: A lot</p>

<p>haha, no. good idea.</p>

<p>i did
i wrote half of my why essays with the help of wiki.</p>

<p>Me too. In fact, I fell in love with my dream school because of Wikipedia. (How's that for a "How'd you two meet?" story? =p)</p>

<p>I use wikipedia all of the time to research schools. Especially when I'm at school and I'm bored... :)</p>

<p>wiki, all the way. I love the pictures that are posted of the school on wiki.</p>

<p>Not as a main source, but yeah, I've used it a bit.</p>

<p>One source that is often overlooked is social networking sites. Especially Facebook; find the "-insert name of school here- Class of 2012" group and just read through the topics and responses and stuff. It's a good way, I've found, of seeing what types of things students at a certain school like and dislike, and so it's a good way of seeing how you'll fit in.</p>

<p>Yes. Wikipedia is a great STARTING POINT when researching...almost anything.</p>

<p>A little bit, but I generally used Princeton Review and the school's own website.</p>